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Camille Thouvenot

Camille Thouvenot
~ Piano ~
( France )
Camille THOUVENOT Camille THOUVENOT (pianist, composer) was born in 1989 in Nîmes. An eclectic musician, he studied Jazz during eight years with musicians and pedagogues such asMarc Cornellissen, Cédric Bambagiotti and René Bottlang.

He then pursued his studies at the Conservatoire de Nîmes, with, among others,Pascale Berthelot and Alex Clapot, and he received many awards in the field of Chamber music, Mudical Formation, Classic Piano (DEM) and Jazz. Later, he entered the ConservatoireNational de Lyon,where he studied withMario Stantchev et obtient en 2012, son DEM de Jazz (Mention TB à l’unanimité avec les félicitations du jury).

In 2012, he received his diploma (DEM) in Jazz studies which he passed with great credit and top honours. Encouraged by his experiences abroad (masterclass in Italy with the pianist Kenny Barron trips to the United States where he performed in numerous national concerts and Jazz clubs) Camille was led to work with Byard Lancaster, Roger Guérin, Jacques Bernard and others.

His recent move to Lyon gave him the opportunity to collaborate
with numerous musicians on multiple projects : Trio DT, G.M.T Trio, Dreisam, M’Boka, trio La & Ca Since May 2012, he has been occasionally
working with the saxophonistJean-Charles Richard.

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