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Dreisam began in 2011 when three musicians from three different countries – France, Brazil and Germany – met to form a rich mix of cultures. Dreisam is a cosmopolitan group with a suave, polychromatic sound that takes you to a world of different colors and of spicy tonalities forming “ a perfect triangle, nothing to do with geometry, everything is rhythm. ”

Camille Thouvenot’s lyrical and enveloping piano, the imaginative and harmonic drums of Zaza Desiderio, and Nora Kamm’s soft and spellbinding saxophone “ send you on a voyage, a succession of images, of landscapes with perfect themes. It’s music that flows seamlessly. ” Combining the richness of their diverse horizons, when preforming in Freiburg ( Germany ) in 2011, these three young artists immediately won the audiences over.

In March 2012, the trio was selected for the competition “ Tremplin Jazz(s)RA ”, a platform to promote Jazz in the Rhône-Alpes region. They have played in a large number of festivals including Altitude Jazz Festival, Jass à Vienne, A Vaulx Jazz, Fort en Jazz, Un Doua de Jazz, Jazz sur les Places, Jazz dans les Vignes, Péristyle de l’Opera de Lyon.

They also performed in different Jazz clubs in the Rhone-Alpes region and in the South of France as well as several Parisian venues – Petit Journal Montparnasse, Péniche l’Improviste, le Babilo…

In May 2013, they recorded their first album at La Buissonne, Pernes les Fontaines studios in the Vaucluse. Their album “ Source ” will be released in 2014.

” They play with great talent and magnificence.
An incessant and changing polyrythm. Perfect Time ! “

Bernard Otternaud
Jazz Rhône- Alpes Published in October 2012